What’s Happening to Google Keyword Planner?

What's Happening to Google Keyword Planner?

What's Happening to Google Keyword Planner?

The Restrictions and Other Changes

In a span of three months Keyword Planner, a Google Adword tool has undergone a lot of changes, many of which are restrictive for businesses who would want to get the most out of SERP.

Keyword Planner Restriction

In June, many were shocked after experiencing a big change when using the Keyword Planner tool. Even when you’re logged on a Google account but don’t have an active Adwords campaign, you will notice the restrictions caused by this change.

It’s not just the non-Adwords clients but the ‘little spenders’ are greatly affected by this too. 
Search Volume Data Range

Keyword Planner shows the search volume data in number range. Users now see 10-100 or 1,000-10k as search volume results and not the exact numbers. When using the tool, it shows a textbox that says:  “This page shows ranges for search volumes.  For a more detailed view, setup and run a campaign.” 

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner

Search Volume of Related Keywords’ Grouped 

On the same month, the SEO world noticed a significant change to the data presented by the Keyword Planner. It has now grouped the search volume for similar or related keywords. You may see the same search volume for keywords that have slightly different spelling or punctuation. 

According to Jennifer Slegg, Google Keyword Planner conventionally combines many search variants including below:

  • Acronyms with longhand version
  • Verbs with affixes 
  • Plurals with singular counterparts
  • Words that can be spelled with or without space and punctuation (ie. cybersecurity and cyber security)

Many search engine marketers were taken aback with this change. There came an ambiguity in targeting keywords because the related terms are grouped with the same magnitude. Many believe that the value of this tool for non-Google Adwords users will continue to diminish.

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