Google AdWords Conversions Metric Has Completely Replaced ‘Converted Clicks’

Google Adwords Conversions Metric

Google Adwords Conversions Metric

After a decade and a half long service, Google announced that the ‘Converted clicks’ metric of AdWords is now outdated and has retired in September. ‘Converted clicks’ which was first employed in 2001 is completely replaced by “Conversions” on September 21st. 

The two metrics have long been a reliable source of data for advertisers. ‘Conversions’ counts the number of times when an ad click generated a goal such as filling up a contact form, requesting a quote or making a purchase. While ‘Converted clicks’ measures the action taken by the user after an ad was clicked even if it wasn’t your desired action. 

Over the years, as Google and online advertisers became more sophisticated in measuring conversions, the limitations of converted clicks became more obvious.

With Conversions, not only will you be able get what ‘converted clicks’ was able to do, it also offers a whole lot more like measuring mobile-centric actions and cross-device conversions. According to Google, most advertisers are using ‘Conversions’ rather than ‘Converted clicks’ as their primary source of data for bidding and reporting. 

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