Why you Should Gamble in Content Marketing (Part 2): How to Eliminate the Risk when Writing Controversial Contents

How to Eliminate the Risk when Writing Controversial Contents

How to Eliminate the Risk when Writing Controversial Contents

In the first part of this series, we showed you the potential benefits of writing contents outside your niche. Now in this article, we will help you put together a controversial content while eliminating the risks that come with it.

Everybody might agree that there is a real risk in writing controversial contents, this does not, however, mean it is impossible to produce controversial or tangential contents to market your business. There is a surefire way of doing this right without risking the reputation of your business. Rand Fishkin talks about it in his Whiteboard Friday at Moz.

Doing this contrarian content marketing strategy is only dangerous when you do not follow these quick simple tips from The Partnership.

How to Keep Risks at the Minimum or Eliminate it altogether


Keep it close to your niche

Not all controversial topics can benefit your business.  When looking for contents outside your niche, make sure that at least it touches some points of your business or the details of the buyer persona. Make sure that you’re not focusing on the controversy alone. The brand and the business should still be the paramount concern.  

Avoid sounding bias

As you’re goal is not solely to stir up argument, the article should be stripped of any agenda. Avoid sounding biased and stick to your storyline. Always be driven by questions in search of the truth and not statements that is inclined to quick conclusions.


Let Facts Speak for itself

One way to avoid being biased is to keep to yourself all your opinions and let the facts speak for itself. By intelligently putting together all bits of information, you can create a unified and interesting content that readers would love to share. Doing this requires both creative and critical thinking, especially with complicated subjects.

Tell all sides of the story

There is danger in a single story, as C.M. Adichie famously tells us. Showing all sides of the story is being objective. When you present facts in a beautifully written content, make sure they cover all sides of the story. If the subject is negative show the positive side of it and vice versa. When it is a disputed matter, make sure you present pertinent information from both sides. If it is a statistics, show all the figures and don’t just highlight one bar of the graph.

By doing so you can reach out to people from all sides of the spectrum. You can pitch to a larger number of people and earn readers who are actually a potential customer.

Keep it Reviewed; ask for Approval

It is easy to fall into following your own personal stance when writing controversial contents. Sometimes, even when you’re sure about how you delivered the story, there are still loopholes. To do away with these, ask someone else to check the content. Let experts peruse the content to ensure it is not short of veracity and professional tone. And the most important thing is to wait for your superior’s approval before publishing.


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