10 Last Minute ECommerce SEO Tips for the Holidays

10 Last Minute ECommerce SEO Tips for the Holidays

10 Last Minute ECommerce SEO Tips for the Holidays

Holiday is the red-letter day for all ecommerce sites. If the previous months were not so good for your business, now is the most important time to have a boost for this year. However, the internet is a very crowded place to sell products and millions of pages are competing with your website.

Good to know, with few adjustments to your SEO strategy, you can optimise your ecommerce site to reach a wider audience and increase your sales.

Here are 10 SEO tips from the Partnership to boost your ecommerce site for the holidays.

1. Research Holiday Keywords

You must read the minds of holiday shoppers and align your site with it by outlining your holiday-related keywords.

  • Research popular keywords related to your target ones by using Keyword Planner tool

  • Use Google trends to look for popular holiday keywords

2. Start Developing Contents

The earlier you start, the higher the chance your pages would rank. Some call this strategy, the 45-day rule: publish contents 45 days ahead and earn 90% of traffic.

3. Provide Gift Guides

  • 7 out of 10 shoppers are not sure of what to buy--Think Google

Show your audience gift suggestions, best deals etc to give them idea of what to buy. By curating the best options and gift suggestions, you are helping the customer to check out a deal right away. Also they are particularly more likely to be shared on social media. You can put it on your homepage or on a new webpage.

4. Build Links to Your Holiday Sales

One way to build your links is to make your email outreach more vigorous for this holiday. Reach out for seasonal bloggers that are most likely to share your contents or feature your product on their site. The more authority websites link to your ecommerce site the higher your page to rank on search engine.

5. Boost Site Speed

57% of visitors will abandon a page if they do not see their desired content within 3 seconds.

Website speed is crucial to keep customers visiting your site. To get higher website speed, Randware advises to:

  • Update core optimization techniques

  • Reformat images

  • Place heavy contents below the fold

  • Consolidate JavaScript and CSS into common files

6. Make it Search Engine/User Friendly

Google Adwords policy only allows promotions that are clear, professional in appearance, and that lead users to content that is relevant, useful, and easy to interact with.” Additionally, complex and disorganised contents slow down the loading speed and pull down usability all culminating to high bounce rate and low conversions.

7. Optimize Campaign for Mobile Shoppers

Smartphone friendly ecommerce site is what you want to have this holiday season. Just look at the statistics:

Think Google 2015:

  • Mobile in-store searches is up by 30%

  • 43% in-store shoppers purchase a produce on their mobile phones.

Smart Insights:

  • Mobile device Conversion Rates for ecommerce sites in UK is 3.05% and 4

8. Use Visual Content Wisely

No one’s shopping without looking at product images. Images are essential to your ecommerce site, and so do product demo: video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%!

  • Be sure to use alt tags for images

  • Scale the image so it loads fast

  • Use additional markup for video e.g microdata

9. Increase Paid Ads Spending

Adjust your bid to your target keyword as all your competitors are most likely increasing their budget during the holiday. Refer to your account’s performance history including last year’s bid to know how you should set the bid.

10. Tailor your Holiday Ad Copy

Be sure that your bid is targeted on your holiday-related keyword and that the ad copy fits the season. The holiday campaign along with the ad copy should be set apart from the rest of your campaign: add deals & discounts; make it appear that you offer the merchandise only for the season; add keywords like “Christmas”, “holiday” “gift” etc. This is a more granular approach and enables you to filter your audiences

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