Why you Should Gamble in Content Marketing (Part 1): The Benefits of Controversial and Tangential Topics

Why you Should Gamble in Content Marketing: The Benefits of Controversial and Tangential Topics

Why you Should Gamble in Content Marketing: The Benefits of Controversial and Tangential Topics

Writing contents outside the business niche? Is it possible? Yes, you can deviate from writing strictly for your target market while achieving your goal as a content marketer. This is a gamble every leading content marketer has tried. They prove that indeed, with high risk, there is a higher potential reward--much like an investment.

In this series, the Partnership explores the benefits of writing outside of your niche and some practical tips when you start generating one to eliminate any possible risks.

You should write about controversial and tangential contents because it...

Effectively ignites the urge to read your content

Controversial topics, which are most of the time tangential to your niche, is one of the best avenue to enter into a discussion among readers. Contents on controversial matters easily catches attention and pique curiosity because you are stimulating the reader’s emotional response. Remember that most of the time, readers read because they are curious. If you can stimulate curiosity among them, then you can easily earn their visit to your page or site. It is a call-to-action of its own.

Helps Reach Wider Audience

Writing on a subject beyond the enclosure of your business niche is an obvious approach to reach wider audience. It enables you to connect with the people who are yet to realize they need your product or services. For instance, you could write contents about the hobbies or interests of your buyer persona. By sharing with their interests, you are establishing a rapport with them and when the demand for your product arises, your site will be the first place they can recall and visit.

Increases your Social Media engagement

People love to share about what they like, think about or intrigues them. And you can use this to your own advantage by writing contents that are about what they like, or what intrigues them. A good content engages people to a discussion and leads them to share it with the people around them.

Earns You more Backlinks

A focused content that only targets your market is in high competition that there is a scanty websites to share your content or write about you. If you try to broaden the scope of your content, you have a higher opportunity to earn backlinks from authoritative blogs, press and other websites.

Are these reasons enough for you to consider producing contents beyond the strict outlines of your target market? If you are still worried about doing this, the Partnership will give you important risk reduction tips so you can reap the benefits of this strategy with least trouble.

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