Social Media Interactions to Have the Most Important Role in Sales Funnel

Social Media Interactions

Social Media Interactions

Businesses now use social media to make customers repeat buyers. Establishing interaction with consumers are becoming more important in recent years. According to Teron Douglas of Bank of America, “It's a relationship business now -- we're not selling products anymore; we're selling relationships.” And wider engagement to social media is taking the lead role in making this possible.

Social Media Interactions in businesses was the leading topic during the panel discussion of the future of sales at “Sales Machine”—a two-day sales best practices and technology convention hosted by Salesforce and Sales Hacker in New York last June.

Reaching out for customers, creating worthwhile engagement with them and making them learn more about a business’ product were the core problems that the convention sought to deal with.

The role of social media is taking up important role in marketing and sales according to the panelists as “customers want information when it's available” Brett Shirk of America sales for Veritas Technologies LL said.

But industries are still working on making those interactions efficient and useful. "We'd love to do more in social -- it's where customers want to engage with us," Teron Douglas said. But that they are crippled in dealing with privacy laws and regulations.

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