How the Internet of Things affects Online Marketing

The Effects of the Internet of Things on Online Marketing

The Effects of the Internet of Things on Online Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes everything faster, more reliable and more personalised as each connected device shares data to respond to real-time needs or provide real-time information. 

Ryan Begley, IoT division Product Manager at IBM aptly illustrates how IoT works on a personal level: “A wearable device knows how long the person wearing it sleeps and when that person wakes up in the morning. It can communicate that data to the coffee machine, and the act of waking up triggers the coffee to start brewing. In addition, one coffee unit can be subtracted from the personal coffee inventory.”

The Boom of Personalization

In online marketing where big data are important to understand consumer habits, IoT can present bigger opportunities. Personal activities and interaction of users can produce enormous data that are useful for marketing.

The  never-before obtained data produced by smart offices, cars, home appliances and wearables can provide marketer valuable information about customer preferences, buying habits and more. These precious data can be used to create sales trends, target specific audiences, better strategise and optimise outreach.  

This means online marketers can create more relevant campaigns efficiently, leading to higher customer engagement and improved ROI.

Smarter Search Engines

The popularity of smart personal assistance like Window’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri made users more accustomed to an advanced way of search queries. On top of that, Google Search is even equipped with a learning algorithm that can respond more accurately to longer and more complicated queries.

It is predicted that a continued shift from keyword searches to long conversational queries will transpire as more things get connected. Jason DeMers said, “...keyword-based queries will practically disappear, and conversational engagements will dramatically increase.”

Because of this, IoT then is expected to greatly affect SEO and online marketing.

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