Why it’s a bad idea to send emails every Monday

Why it’s a bad idea to send emails every Monday

Why it’s a bad idea to send emails every Monday

If Fridays are the best, Mondays are the worst. This is especially true when it comes to sending emails. A recent research discovered that emails sent on Mondays have the highest rate of mistakes. At the same time, it is the day of the week when people send emails with the most negative subjects.

The researchers gleaned these findings from over 250,000 emails that passed through their grammar checker and analytics tool. And they found out that about 79% of emails sent on Mondays have subject errors. These findings correlate with the response rate. It revealed that the more errors an email has in its subject line, the less likely it is to get a response. Emails with mistakes in subject line receive reply only 29% of the time while error free emails get 34% response rate.

What is more, improper capitalisation can lead response rate to plummet by 15%. A subject sentence that starts with lowercase letter only receive reply 28.4% of the time, but a subject sentence with proper capitalisation can garner replies 32.6% of the time.

Mondays are grumpy for emails

Sentiments of the subject lines were also checked and they found out that emails sent every Monday are the least positive. This result is on a stark contrast with emails sent every Sunday which have the most positive sentiments on the subject lines.

This suggests something important for email marketers. Mondays are not the best time to write and send your email promotions. Instead, it would help if you schedule your emails on other days of the week.

Read the complete report here.

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